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As an Employer of Record, we manage all the details that come with contingent labor so you can supercharge your team with fresh talent and hire contractors with confidence.  Our comprehensive suite of payrolling services provides you with consistent coverage and can be adapted to your business needs. Whether you need to employ a freelance, gig, part-time, or pre-identified contingent worker, we can manage it all. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Getting Coffee


At Capital Talent Partners, we see onboarding as a chance to set the tone for the rest of the working relationship. First, we begin with a secure and speedy onboarding program. Once that’s complete, we’ll connect your contractors with their own account manager, who will serve as an around-the-clock point of contact for the duration of their employment.  Along the way, we’ll conduct an I-9 and E-verify employment eligibility verification on your candidate, as well as a proprietary background check for maximum assurance.  Once we’ve established a working cadence with your contractor, we’ll stay close with monthly check-ins to measure overall satisfaction and communicate any employment-related developments.

Signing Check


Payroll is the lifeblood of a business. Our process helps you maintain that steady pulse with minimal effort.  As part of our onboarding, we’ll introduce your new hire to our eService portal. There, they’ll find intuitive tools to help them retrieve paystubs, review tax documents, link accounts for direct deposit, and more.  Behind the scenes, we’ll take care of all the withholding and tax reporting requirements.  And we’ll keep you fully updated on any of your contractor’s changes.

Touchscreen Computer


Are you managing a freelance or gig platform and need an Employer of Record for the W2 population? Give us a call. Our API will connect directly to your platform so Capital Talent Partners can seamlessly onboard your new hires based on the placement information between the freelance worker and your client.



Contractors can sometimes saddle a company with unnecessary liability, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With us as your Employer of Record, we assume the risk that comes with your hire, so you can better protect your bottom line. Working with a third party has added benefits for labor compliance, as well.

Flexible Payment Planning


At Capital Talent Partners, we grow when you grow. For that to happen, you need stable, reliable pricing to chart a course for rapid growth. That’s why we implement our pricing model based on the needs of our client instead of providing you with a rigid rate card.  We’re your partner, not a vendor. And that shows through everything we do.
Want to grow your team without the administrative drag? Contact us to schedule a free phone introduction.

Medical form with stethoscope


Don’t worry about hunting down insurance providers. We can set up your contractor with medical, vision, and dental benefits, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We have substantial purchasing power when it comes to the marketplace, so your plans can stay affordable and accessible for years to come.

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